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We believe in the value of being planted in a local church. We believe that church membership isn't just a title but a privilege and an honor. The Bible talks about being planted in the local church so you can thrive and grow in your walk with Jesus.

Requirements/Commitments for Membership:

To become a member of Oasis Church, you must:1. Be a born-again believer who has repented of sin, placed your faith in Jesus for salvation, and submitted to Him as Lord.2. Have been water baptized (or if not, willing to do so).3. Attend service regularly.4. Tithe faithfully.5. Serve on an OC Serve team.

The 5 C's of OC Next Steps explains why we value membership.

Connect - We want to connect you to God, community, and into Oasis Church.

Culture - Oasis Church's culture reflects a kingdom culture! Ours is made up of our vision, mission, our unique characteristics and our values.

Community- We do community through our Serve Teams and through OC HouseFires. It is through OC Next Steps that you get plugged into serving!

Covenant - Our membership commitments are to serve, tithe, and attend.

Covering - We believe in spiritual covering. The same blessing that is on this house, is the same blessing on your house when you are submitted to the covering.

The Process:

We believe that people should take time to pray and discern which church God is leading them to call Oasis Church home. If you believe that Oasis is where you are supposed to plant, here is the process for becoming a member:

1. Watch the Discover Oasis video class online or attend an in-person class.(You can watch the class online by clicking the video above.)

2. Fill out the "Join the Oasis Family" form. Click Here

3. Oasis Staff will contact you about ways to get connected! After filling out the "Join the Family" form, someone from our church staff will reach out and welcome you as a member of Oasis Church! They will also set up a meeting to get to know you, pray for you and share more way to get connected to the church.

4. Download the Church Center App The Oasis Church "Church Center App" is a great way to sign up for events and see what's happening at Oasis Church. Download the app here and then search "Oasis Church".

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